About Me

Martin's Magic - It all began here.

Martin’s Magic – It all began here.

I have a passion for writing software. Solving problems by writing code keeps me up at night, and I live for the days when the code is flowing through my veins making sleep impossible. When I do have some downtime my hobby is collecting and performing Magic.

The software that my company, Digital Cheetah, uses was originally created to build my first Magic website: Martin’s Magic. Since then, when I have had a few spare moments I have have worked on many other magic sites. There is nothing better to fuel your passion than to incorporate it into your hobby.

Of course if you want to sleep or spend time with your family it may not be the best idea and you should take up train spotting instead.

Myself with my two children at DisneyLand.

Myself with my two children at DisneyLand.

Hard to believe I’m actually doing this. I guess I’m writing this blog for the following reasons:

  • to keep my eye on the wonderful Drupal,
  • to remind myself why, after over thirty years of writing code, I still love it with a passion,
  • to relive some of my Glory Days of coding.

Hopefully, we’ll have some fun along the way.